Krzysiek Wróblewski - Sparrow Film

Hi! I’m Chris. I am a cinematographer and a film editor, although by education and passion also a marketing specialist. Not only that, but I have 6 years of experience in creating films and photos for clients from all over of the world. For the last few years, I’ve been working, and I lived in Norway, Thailand and Australia making promotional films, serving Social Media channels for my clients and writing texts.

I’m not a big company, but I have extensive knowledge of video and its use in marketing. From small businesses such as restaurants and hostels, for whom I’ve made simple videos showing the range of their services, to large corporations who I’ve advised on their YouTube marketing strategy.

Any company can claim to “approach their clients individually,” but if you plan on working with me, you’ll quickly see that before we do anything together, I spend a lot of time understanding what services you need and how to fit them into your marketing strategy. I select the right team of professionals for each task that clients put in front of me.

Fell free to contact me with any questions

What we could do?

We can do everything from A to Z. If you require an advertising video for your company, corporate video, or video from a specific event, we can help you. Simple as that. Our main focus is to provide you with something that will make your audience say: “WOW! That’s amazing, let’s watch it again!”. And then they will.

Sometimes writing about a product or a place is not enough. You have to show your customers what they can expect, or how your product works. The best tool for this is a video! Help your clients better understand what you have to offer them.

Posting in social media “making of” or behind the scenes type of video is a great way to increase the interest of potential customers in your brand. It also shows how the company’s work looks, well… “Behind the scenes”, which always intrigues people and allows you to reach more and more customers.

We work mainly with services such as YouTube or Vimeo, but also with Instagram and Facebook. We will help you manage your content so that it reaches the widest audience and meets the goals you set. Furthermore, we will also help you to optimize your content for each social media channel.

If you need video for your marketing efforts, email me HERE, or at